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What’s A Tantric Massage?
May 20, 2015

Tantric massages are one of the tools used by Tantra practitioners in order to achieve personal fulfillment. It is erotic massage that arouse sexual desire and the desire to invigorate sexual relationships. Tantra believes that the human body is a sacred temple and a place for sex expression of divine intercourse. Tantric massage offers the possibility to achieve pleasure, both for you and your partner, quickly and efficiently.

In fact, that’s one of the most common myths among would-be Tantra practitioners. Sure, tantric massages involve a lot of body to body contact. Also called Nuru, Tantric massages can be as long or short as the participants want them to be without sacrificing the mutual pleasure that’s experienced.

Thanks to the massages given in erotic areas of the body, it reaches a state of physical and spiritual relaxation, and a deep sense of wellbeing. Sex is the way to relaxation and self-discovery, a form of encounter with the sacred through pleasure.

In erotic massage there are two types: the lingam massage, which refers to the penis, and the yoni massage, which is named after the female. Tantric massage is a way of practicing sex that strengthens the bonds of the couple; breaking down barriers, fears and obstacles that may exist between them.

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