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Dogstarman1974 8 points submitted 3 days ago

Just do you man. Who gives a shit what other people are doing. Why does it concern you that a guy doesn’t really give a shit about warm canada goose store ups. I understand warming up canada goose outlet new york city but there is canada goose a limit.

I hate involved warm ups. All that running, skipping, push ups, sit Canada Goose Online ups, air squats, frog jumps, canada goose buy canada goose jacket cheap outlet black friday bear crawls, forward rolls, backward rolls, shrimps, partner carries and everything else. Some places it takes 30 minutes to get through, then a quick technique, drill then we train for 10 minutes. Yeah, no thanks.

jephthai 9 points submitted 8 days ago

If canada canadian goose jacket goose outlet nyc that was true, then you could revolutionize judo, since that is one of the most successful canada goose outlet sale pins of all time. The fact is that most bjj canada goose outlet canada goose uk black friday online uk people don develop a good kesa gatame, and it got a bad reputation in the bjj community.

I visited a gym once where the technique du jour was a kesa gatame escape. The only reason it worked was because the instructor had everyone use a really weak head lock position, not a real kesa canada goose coats gatame pin. He really thought that what kesa canada goose black friday sale gatame is, but I train with a ton of judokas and they don do it badly like that. Kesa gatame is practically a submission, done right.

Daegs canada goose outlet store 1 point Canada Goose Jackets submitted 9 days ago

In my experience it is because of the increased friction, which gives you the canada goose coats on sale ability to angle the force and position it higher on their head canada goose outlet parka for better leverage.

With goose outlet canada the elbow, there is only so far you can go to the top of their head before your elbow slips off, because the force is directed over such a small area and it is uncompressible bone.

With the forearm, you can position it right at the top of their head and then actually change the angle of the forearm as their head moves for better leverage.

Think about trying canada goose outlet uk to open a canada goose uk outlet tight jar, would uk canada goose outlet you rather use your hands which can conform to the lid and cover a bunch of area, or opening it up with your elbow which would mostly glance off the Canada Goose online side of the lid.

Also, you notice when he has the choking hand in position, the elbow is 4 5 inches higher than the top of the head. meaning if you uk canada goose used your elbow canada goose factory sale to force the head, you need to make canada goose uk shop a large adjustment to get the choking canada goose outlet reviews hand in.

waiting_for_pompeii 3 points buy canada goose jacket canada goose outlet submitted 10 days ago

I got my blue belt canada goose clearance sale in 2011, then moved 5 times and was off the mat for 3 years (then another year for knee surgery). I DID canada goose black friday sale puke the canada goose outlet store uk first two classes I came back and honestly it was probably a full official canada goose outlet 6 7 months before i even felt canada goose clearance like a blue belt again.

It will just Canada Goose Jackets Sale be hard for a little while and then it Canada Goose sale will be better. That all. Focus on breathing and relaxing and keep your expectations for yourself in terms of your ability to keep up in sparring canada goose outlet canada reasonable.

Bahl cheap canada goose uk Sache 20 points canada goose outlet online submitted 10 days ago

I’ve got terribly flat feet and I train 6 8 times a week. I also have/have had bad plantar fasciitis and have been told by a doctor Canada Goose Parka or two that pain in my feet is something I’m just going to have to deal Canada Goose Outlet with if canada goose outlet shop I want to stay physically active. Calf stretches, towel stretches, lacrosse canada goose outlet jackets ball rolling and lots canada goose outlet in usa of stretching have made the pain tolerable/non existent. I also lift, run, snowboard, mountain bike, rock climb, etc. I had to speak to a sports specific doctor canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale factory outlet and not canada goose outlet toronto factory a general practitioner for better advice. The canada goose outlet uk sale cheap Canada Goose regular doc told me to stop lifting weights/being canada goose jacket outlet active if I wanted the pain to stop The sports doc told me the opposite.

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