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Tantric Orgasm
May 29, 2015

Generally, sexual practice is conceived differently in East and West. The followers of tantra prefer to achieve the most primal orgasm, a Tantric Orgasm while in the West we are more accustomed to seeking genital pleasure.

Sexuality has been an important topic in the life of humans since the beginning of man himself and in some cultures it even resembled practices that healed all kinds of diseases. Also, for lovers of Tantra, the experience of orgasm is unusually vivid as it is not the sexual achievement that’s important, but the fullness, peace and serenity of an encounter that marks us forever, by multiple factors.

According to some experts it is easy to achieve pleasure really early in our lives. The experience of the birth canal, the first contact with the skin of a human being, contact with our mother is pleasurable. However, humanity conditioned by their environment and way of life, we let our lives pass without being able to relive that great experience. The experience of real orgasm takes us back to the very birth scene, the quintessential reminder of our origins and not achieving a fleeting pleasure.

As a result, traditional orgasm is considered the nervous spasm that occurs in our body by genital stimulation, we arrive at high excitation levels that trigger a spasmodic movement that once started, goes away just as quickly never to come back. In women it manifests as a feeling of great pleasure, like a wave that runs through the vaginal canal. In the male, it is experienced as a similar feeling in a spasmodic wave that travels up the urethral canal prostate produces ejaculatory fluid expulsion. We could say that the process is almost the same, only in males, this nervous spasm, comes usually accompanied by ejaculation which means, according to the tantric, loss of vital energy.

Therefore, the experience of this type of orgasm is relegated to the surface plane of genital pleasure, without producing the experience of union, fusion, peace and serenity advocated by Tantric. Therefore we recommend learning how to achieve a tantric orgasm, which ends up being much more satisfactory on all levels.

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