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Tantric Massage in London W2
May 29, 2015

I have always wanted to have a tantric massage in London and my dream came true when I recently arrived in London for the first time, travelling from Australia with my two young children was stressful to say the least. Hours on a plane was threatening to ruin my mood and spoil a visit to the UK, to see family for the first time in years

Tantric massage is something I had been intrigued about for a few years now, and after spotting an advertisement while strolling through the beautiful London W2 area of the city with my family, I decided it would be exactly what I needed to unwind properly, and enjoy my time here. So a little bit excited, and a touch nervous I asked my sister to take the kids out and enjoy the sights while I go for a massage and catch up with them later.

So my mission was to find a tantric massage in London W2.

Success I found the most amazing secret world at the London Tantric Temple as soon as I walked in the door the staff and atmosphere put me at ease.

I was unsure what kind of service would be offered, or what I could choose for that matter, so one of the staff to explained a little about Tantric massage and it’s benefits.

I was informed that in order to connect with the universe, and to release pressure I built up within myself in every day life, that I needed to be guided to a place where I could “Surrender and allow myself to be given to a higher being.”

And that is exactly what I got, as with anything new I was a little apprehensive about the experience, but I was taken to a beautifully decorated room, with dim lights, beautiful wall hangings and a fragrant aroma in the air… I was thoroughly impressed with the privacy and intimacy that I felt whilst there.

The lady that looked after me on my visit left a smile on my face for the rest of the day, it left me in such a state of relaxation and a feeling of power, that the whole holiday was enjoyable, despite the cold.

My sister and her husband both commented on how content and happy I seemed and the whole trip was a success, to which I feel I owe most of that to the massage I so desperately needed.

Leaving London and saying goodbye to my family was hard, but I will definitely be back again soon, and I can assure you that my first point of call will be getting myself another Tantric massage in London W2. For those of you unsure about the experience, try it out, you will not regret it!

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