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London Tantric Sex
May 29, 2015

There are strong motivations for the practice of tantric sex, the effects that it has on the body and spiritual evolution of its practitioners are beyond interesting. At any age, in London tantric sex results in benefits for both the mind and body, and for the spiritual evolution of those who practice it.

From the origins of mankind, different people and cultures, have coupled sex to their ritual practices and certainly have had every reason to do so. These are three of the main reasons why the practice of tantric sex can be beneficial to your life:

1- Tantric Sex gives a greater pleasure

Tantra intends to trigger self-knowledge and inner evolution from the worship of pleasure. For this exacerbates sexual pleasure to dimensions that transcend the physical boundaries and lead to a state of spiritual grace or orgasm.

2- Tantric Sex increases release of endorphins

It has been shown that sexual pleasure has a positive effect on the endorphins released into the body, a type of substance also known as the hormone of happiness, which has a prophylactic effect to reduce the incidence of many diseases. These morphine-like substances are produced by the body itself in pleasurable situations and analgesic effects are observed, in addition to combatting stress, eliminating depression and nurturing the joy of living.

3- Increased creativity using Tantric Sex in London

Genital stimulation produces a reflex stimulation of the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for creativity and artistic sensibility. This was demonstrated by a scientific experiment by placing electrodes and EEG testing during sexual contact.

The development of the right brain is associated with a less conservative and conformist thought, constructive questioning and free, thought himself very creative people.

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