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London Tantric Massage

London Tantric Massage

There is this perceived notion that a London Tantric massage is more about intercourse or foreplay but this is far from the truth. Tantra is normally misunderstood because many people confuse tantric enjoyment with normal orgasmic pleasure. There is need to demystify what tantra is all about. A London Tantric massage is the awakening of the body’s energy centres which are seven and in tantric, known as the seven chakras.

Origin of Tantra 

Tantra (interconnect, weave or web) means to become one and fully interconnected. This leads to show that the act of tantra massage’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the body syncs harmoniously as one having aligned the seven chakras properly. The alignment of the chakras leads to reawakening your spirit and renewing your body.

Tantra originated in India and was practiced as a form of meditation or ritual around the 5th century AD. Tantric massage combines traditional massage skills with sensual energy to bring out an intimate, utterly relaxing and interconnecting experience through harmonic breathing and energy exchanges. Tantra heavily impacted the Buddhist, Jain and Hindu religions where they taught that the body is just one element of a bigger entity (earth) and they believed that the spirit and body could be synced to achieve ultimate relaxation of mind, body and spirit. Tantra was practiced through yoga, repetitive phrases during meditation, rituals, deities, diagrams and gestures to attain the ultimate spiritual power.

How is London Tantric Massage done

During the massage, an experienced tantric masseuse and the receiver align their senses to accept the distinct male and female energies that will interconnect and help them to achieve oneness of the body, mind and spirit. 

The tantric masseuse will endeavour to align the body’s energies (chakras) through massage by concentrating at the base of the spine in order to release any blocked energy that the recipient may have.

There is tantric massage for women and another for men. Tantra massage for women is known as yoni massage which seeks to heal the women’s sexual organ through honouring it. Many confuse this to mean that the end goal of yoni massage is to achieve sexual orgasm, yet this is far from truth as yoni seeks to honor this part of body by learning it, understanding it,achieving joy and wonder thus fully appreciating the body part . 

As for men they use relaxation skills, meditation sensual body strokes and lingam massage. It is known that tantric massage in men can help in cases of premature ejaculation as it teaches one to be in full control thus growing ones stamina. The objective is the same as the women as the massage seeks to heal, to be strong and experience joy not only physically but spiritually too.

Health Benefits of a London Tantric Massage

London Tantric massage has been proven to have health benefits, which are;

  • Treating of premature ejaculation and low libido
  • Promoting natural healing through detoxification
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Boosts immune system
  • Boosts ones confidence as it teaches one to embrace, love and enjoy all parts of your body


Conclusions of having a Tantric Massage in London

Tantric massage in London is more than getting an orgasm but is a way to be fully one in body, mind and spirit. Identifying a professional tantric therapist is important.  At the London Tantric Temple all our therapists are skilled and trained, they will explain what the massage is all about and what it involves at the beginning of the session.

It also helps to know that the therapist has their own individual boudoir ensuring maximum privacy.

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